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Groundnuts Sweet (4.1 oz)
Chin-Chin (5 oz)
Green Plantain Chips(Lightly Salted) (3.1 oz)
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Sweet plantain Chips (3.1 oz).

Our Story: Celebrating African Inspired Snacks

In the vibrant tapestry of African
cuisine, there exists snacks that captivates taste buds and transcends borders. Originating from West Africa, these delectable treats have gained worldwide popularity for their irresistible crunch, aromatic flavors, and versatile nature.

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The chin-chin feels like little crunchy cookies and are delectable. 10/10, would recommend!

Devon D.
Chicago, Illinois

I love snacking, so any healthy snack will make my day ! I love the plantain chips because it’s a healthy alternative to the potato chips I used to eat

Carl F.
Los Angeles, California

I tried sugar coated peanut for the first time! It’s just amazingly delicious! I love peanuts so having it with a taste of sugar changes everything. It’s groundnuts sweet! lol

Ericka S.
Houston, Texas

I'm a total snacking addict, and finding a snack that's both tasty and healthy is like striking gold.

John M.
New York